A Very Merry Victoria Christmas

Christmas in Victoria’s Inner Harbour

When my kids were growing up, Christmas was very exciting. “Santa traps” were created by placing flour on the floor to see Santa’s foot print. Cookies, milk and carrots were left out for snacks for Santa and his reindeer. New pajamas were worn Christmas eve, and stockings were hung by the chimney awaiting Santa’s gifts.

The magic of Christmas is just around the corner again. Now my children are adults, I hope the magic of Christmas will not be forgotten. I feel very fortunate to live in a city where the magic of Christmas is alive and vibrant during the holiday season.

Starting in November, you can feel the magic of Christmas in the air. Christmas trees, cards and decorations are starting to show up in malls, stores and shops. Freshly baked ginger bread, scents of pine, citrus can be smelled from cafes and restaurants.

Driving through Langford, the joy of the Christmas Lights and the large Christmas Tree light up fills my heart with joy.

Christmas in Victoria is like no other. Light parades, carolers, and grand trees are seen through out the city.

Think about staying in a vacation rental over Christmas in Victoria this year. If you have family coming into town but don’t have the space to support them, renting a vacation rental is a great alternative to putting family on the couch or a small hotel room. Great enjoyment for the entire family.